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As we all age, changes occur in physical functioning, vision, perception, and processing abilities that could make driving unsafe. While changes are inevitable, they occur at different rates in each individual, and age one is not a good indicator of driving skills. Most often these changes occur slowly over a long period of time, and the individual is able to compensate for minor deficits. If several skill areas are affected, or there is a sudden change in abilities due to illness or disease, driving may become impaired. An evaluation is recommended if you, or those who drive with you, notice any of the following warning signs.

Warning Signs:
Doesn't observe signs, signals, or other traffic needs help or instructions from passengers
Slow or poor decisions
Easily frustrated or confused
Frequently gets lost, even in familiar areas
Inappropriate driving speeds (too fast or too slow) poor road position, or wide turns
Accidents or near misses

Our assessment can include:
A review of medical history and medication Functional Ability
Reaction Time
Behind-the-Wheel Evaluation
If you or someone you know is having difficulty, a driver evaluation should be performed. Please fill out the client questionnaire from our downloadable forms page so a driver rehabilitation specialist can provide a comprehensive evaluation to determine one’s ability to continue driving.